This page contains links to presentations and statements we've given to Penn Dot and to the Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO)

Updated No 45 Connector Materials for Oct 19-20, 2022 SCAC Public Meeting

After PennDOT posted their Public Meeting Materials hours before it began, we started to look at the newly provided information and found that it did not address the connector road.

Prior to this meeting we had approximately 200 signature on our petition. As of this posting we have 249 signatures plus we collected several hand-written signatures.

2022-10-19 No 45 Connector Data v4.pdf

Potter Township Meeting: October 17, 2022

Our township supervisors showed us their letter to PennDOT and their opposition to the connector.
“It offers no benefit to our citizens and will significantly increase the hazard to our citizens on already congested Route 45.”

Potter Township SCAC Mtg 2022_10_17.pdf

Centre Bike Presentation: October 10, 2022


Map of the bike trail:


Potter Township Supervisor Meeting on October 3, 2022

Potter Township SCAC Mtg 2022_10_03.pdf

PennDOT Meeting on Sept 27, 2022 at Mount Nittany Winery

We expressed our concerns to PennDOT, who was gracious enough to meet with us in-person. Potter Township Supervisor Dick Decker was in attendance. Citizens from Harris and Potter Township attended.

NO SR45 Connector.pdf

Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO) Meeting on Sept 27, 2022


Letter to PennDOT on April 11, 2022

(Signature pages purposely omitted)

In the April 22 Public Meeting, the connector road was added to the routes. We had little time to respond, but gathered 43 signatures from Harris and Potter township residents in our vicinity. Our original letter was penned to voice our local concerns before we knew of the connector road.