No Route 45 Connector

As part of the Route 322 Connector project, Penn Dot has proposed adding a connector between Route 45 and Route 322. This route was not part of any of the original potential routes. It was added between the first and second public meeting.

WHY? Per CCMPO Technical Meeting: “because it’s easier to take out than to add”.

Latest Update: 10/22/22

  • We added a new presentation with new analyses in the presentations folder and added a slide capture to the front page (below)

  • We are preparing a statement for the public comment period (due by November 11, 2022 to PennDOT)

As residents who live along Route 45, we have the following concerns about the planned connector:

Traffic Impacts

  • According to real crash data, SR45 in Potter township had the highest fatality rate of all road sections in the study according to the last 5 years. (source:

  • The connector road would increase both average daily traffic (ADT) and average daily truck traffic (ADTT) on SR45 in Potter Township.

  • PennDOT information from the SCAC Public Meeting (April 2022) indicates 200% increase in truck traffic!

  • The PEL study identified SR45 as substandard today.

  • There is no plan to improve SR45 in Potter Township in the State College Area Connector Project or the Centre County Municipal Planning Organization’s plans.

Environmental Impacts

  • Increased pollution (longer commuter route)

  • Impacts Cedar Run headwaters

  • Proximity to high-quality aquafers

  • Low water tables

  • 20+ Karst features in interchange and connector

  • Numerous private wells in vicinity

  • Community well (Country Club Park)

  • Had to be moved due to water table and existing SR45 impacts

  • Additional Productive Farmland Taken

  • Impacts Hazard Waste Site Areas (Country Club Park and Industrial area)

  • Noise

Residential Concerns and Impacts

  • Several School Bus Stops several times along SR45

  • Lower Real Estate Value

  • Potential contamination of High Quality Private Well Water.

  • Decreased Safety (higher traffic volumes)

  • Road through backyard of multiple residents.

  • Potential rezoning in an area NOT designated as a growth area.

  • Increased pollution

  • May contradict community plan for a scenic byway and rural culture if rezoning is allowed.

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